Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Puzzle #232

It's the weekend! Most importantly we begin a game marathon building up to the release of The Shattered Medallion. In this blog post here I list out the schedule of the games I will be playing.

This weekend we begin with Treasure in the Royal Tower, for the fun of searching for missing medallions!

A few reminders: This is the last weekend to participate in the Kindle Contest. Check it out on our home's the hovering side-bar on the left of the page.
Also, the message boards are still down for maintenance, and will likely be back up next week.

Here's your weekend puzzle! Hint: moonwalk this track.


We have a birthday!

~Little Jackalope~


William D said...

Oh boy... the medallion hunt thingy thing thing... Can't wait... xD Its an okay game, but that medallion thing always bugged me. I was to stupid to ever remember the green medallion... xD

Abby said...

Who do I hook up to the Marathon? YOU'VE GOTTA TELL ME HOW!!

Anonymous said...

Is the answer: "Fate moves in odd ways. Like a spider!"?

Does it somehow relate to MED? Speaking of MED, when will it's page come online? (preorders start in about two weeks!)

- Ella

Anonymous said...

fate moves in odd ways... like a spider!

referace to MED maybe? A quote or a hint that we are going to see/have to deal with a real spider?

Ginger said...

"Fate moves in odd ways… Like a Spider!"

Is that a Sonny-ism?

Lucy said...

Fate moves in odd ways… like a spider!

Caitlyn said...

I just finished playing TRT as part of the marathon! It's such a lovely game! I never get tired of turning the lights off on Jacques! "What's going on here?" HEHE! Seriously, never gets old! I'm looking forward to SSH next weekend! <3

HeY yOu said...

Awww thank yiu guys it means so much!