Thursday, March 13, 2014

MED Desktop Icon

We have revealed the actual shattered medallion! Voila! It will also be the desktop icon. I need to remember to add this to the merchandise store in the near future. However, there are much more awesome images I will be adding to the week. Likely Wednesday. One concept image is done. The second is still finishing up. trailer

Oh boy, we have a long list of things to get ready for, and I can't share with you most of it...but somewhere in this post I have hidden one other project I am about to start.

Oh hey! Have you signed up to receive our newsletters? I recommend it, especially if you are missing games from your mystery collection and want to know as soon as we start a big sale. *Wink*.

~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

Oh, can't wait for the official trailer!

ND's #1 fan said...

Cool! I love that medallion graphic! And yes, I've signed up for the newsletters. ;) Um.. hidden one other project in this post!?!?!? I highlighted it... Nada. Zip. Zilch. C'mon LJ!!! Don't let us fans die of suspense!!! What was it? Pleeeaaase??!?!?!?!!? I'll send you cookies!!! LOL but seriously... Cover Art? Trailer? Game page?!?!? I wish... *sobs then dies of suspense*
XD sorry I'm just really excited for MED!!!!

ND's #1 fan said...

Oh LOL scratch my last comment! I wasn't looking hard enough when I highlighted the post :) TRAILER!!!! Woo-HOO!!!!!!!! I'm excited for when it's released! I'm excited for MED in general XD

Anonymous said...

When will Herinteractive reveal the cover art for the new game? When will we see the trailer for the new game?

Anonymous said...

TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!
I. Can. Not. Wait!!!!!!!! SO excited!!!