Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekend Puzzle #231

It's St. Patrick's Weekend! We have a BIG sale happening right now all the way through Monday, check it out and shop here.

Also, with the reveal of the desktop icon, our fan Karina sketched out a lovely medallion (unshattered) and shared it with us!

Aaaaaaaand here's your weekend puzzle:

Don't forget about the Nancy Drew Madness game duels on Facebook. Visit each day to "vote" on your favorite game!

~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

The answer is: "cover art is next to come"!

YAY! :-)

- Ella

Anonymous said...

Cove rt is next to come?!?!

Anonymous said...

COVER ART IS NEXT TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breanna ;) said...

cover art is NEXT TO COME!!!!!!

Oh yeah! I'm excited :D

Anonymous said...

Cover art!!!! Wahoooo! Hurry up and finish it! I'm so excited!!!

Red Panda said...

Cover art is next to come! Yipee!

Anonymous said...

Cove rt is next to come?

Anonymous said...

Can you do a birthday shoutout to my friend Savannah? Her favorite game is Alibi in Ashes she's turning 12 tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The weekend puzzle- Morse code-
Cover art is next to come! Yay!

Anonymous said...

I cannot BELIEVE this is happening! Danger by Design is currently BEATING The Deadly Device. DED is one of the best games ever. It SHOULD win.

Sammy said...


I was wondering if you could wish my friend, Crystal, a happy birthday this Thursday (the 20th) she is turning 18.She would really appreciate it. Thank you! -Samantha

Anonymous said...

LJ and all of HeR Interactive:
Please please do not go by the most recent duel in ND March Madness (which was a super cool idea) Danger by Design vs The Deadly Device. I was shocked (no pun intended for DED) that Deadly didn't win. Even if I was on Facebook, my one comment wouldn't have made a difference.
So, I just want to say I think it is by far one of your top 5 games, and it definately should have made it to the playoffs. Thanks for reading.
P.S. : I still will have hopes for VEN and TRT!!!!!!