Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekend Puzzle #203

Hooray for Fridays! Today we launched some new Nancy Drew merchandise in our store! Check these out:

Now you can own an official Nancy Drew clock, as well as other collectibles like a trivet or pencil caddy. Pick the image you want for each item and add to your collection!

Time for a weekend puzzle. Enjoy, super sleuths!
  1. If Secret of the Old Clock is game #11, then choose 1. If not, choose 19.
  2. If the white water bottle in the merchandise store shows the River Heights Police Badge, choose 3. If not, choose 13. 
  3. If the third Nancy Drew Diaries book is called Mystery of the Midnight Flyer, choose 25. If not, choose 15.
  4. If Loulou is listed as a character on the Curse of Blackmoor Manor character profiles page, choose 19. If not, choose 20.
  5. If Tomb of the Lost Queen has its own music soundtrack available for download, choose 12. If not, choose 20.
  6. On the main page for Ghost of Thornton Hall is a list of Key Features. If one of those keys features says “hunt for ghosts” choose 5. If not, choose 1.  
  7. If Ellie York from The Deadly Device works the day shift, choose 18. If Ellie works the night shift, choose 14.
  8. If Tomb of the Lost Queen has a snake on the cover art, choose 4. If not, choose 25.
Also, we have a birthday shout out!

~Little Jackalope~


    Horselover23 said...

    The answer is Scotland! hmmm perhaps the location of ND #29 maybe?!?

    Anonymous said...

    It's Scotland, right?

    Anonymous said...

    Cool clock! I'll have to check out all the new stuff in the merchandise store.

    Could you please give Barbara a birthday shout on July 17th? Thanks!

    SiennaRose said...

    Scotland! I can't wait!!!

    Breanna(; said...

    oh my goodness! I love everything, all of it truly is awesome!!! Thank you, Little Jackalope(;

    keegan nageek said...

    scotland! ooo i cant wait for SPY!

    William D said...

    Goodie! A puzzle I understand XD was it (SPOILER) 19 3 15 20 12 1 14 4?

    Anonymous said...

    Alright! I got the code! It says "Scotland"! :-)

    EEK! I CANNOT wait for SPY!

    - Ella

    Anonymous said...









    ND's #1 fan said...

    I got it! SCOTLAND! Yea!!!!!!! Nancy gets to solve a mystery in Scotland!!!!! (clue of the whistling bagpipes is a really good ND book) (^_^) lol

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    Hmmmm, I need som money. I definatly want the clock for my room!

    From me,

    Anonymous said...

    Hey, LJ
    Would you do me a huuuuge favor? My cousins birthday is on July 15. Could you give her a birthday shoutout? She's huge on like farming stuff so if you could do something like that, it would be great!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    And I forgot... She's turning 15

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    It spells Scotland. Hmmmm.

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    SCOTLAND! Thats where Glasgow is, for the next Nancy Drew Game!!!!!! I am sooooo excited!!!!!


    Anonymous said...

    scotland? we're going to scotland next?

    Anonymous said...

    I answered all the questions but still didn't get the weekend puzzle. What do you do next after answering all the questions? Could you give a hint on how to solve it? Please?

    Anonymous said...

    I absolutely love your blog it is absolutely amazing!