Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fan Art: Scrapbooking

Recently some fans emailed us wanting to show us their Nancy Drew scrapbook work, so we've decided to go ahead and show you here. It was a little tough fitting in all of the images, but here is Sergey's spread:

 Here I spy some GTH art, and some card games, similar to RAID! in CAP:

 A few pages from TMB:
Magazine clipping type and general Nancy Drew content:
Is that chocolate I see?

It also looks like we have a few birthdays today!

~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

Love the scrapbooks!:D I need to find a more creative way to store my ND notes and things.

Virginia said...

Do you respond to fan letters? I sent you one and it's probably on the way but I want to know if you've gotten it yet. There's also a little present inside.

Shainnen Somerville said...

Oh wow, just amazing artwork made by some talented people! Oh and love the recent poll on the right LJ. Getting us REAL prepared for the premiere of GTH. Is it too early to say that I got a couple of my good friends together and were all having a sleepover to celebrate the premiere of GTH and were going to be playing it all night? Yeah I'm starting to loose sleep over this special day :p

Слэм Тасманиан said...

Wow! Russian scrapbooking! Super! I live in Russia too!

Tim said...

Nice fan art!
Also, if I want to buy the digital copy of SAW from your site, is it the special edition?

Anonymous said...

So cool! What language are their games in??

From me,

Karen said...

found this book on nikolas!

Anonymous said...

Amazing Art! Well done to those creative fans!

Also Happy birthday to Rachel & Britany!

I was wondering, could you please give a shout out to my friend? Her name is Noelle and her birthday is on 25th May.

Thank you.

ND's #1 fan said...

@ Future Her Animator-
What I did was get a plain manila folder, and decorated it with small things that are kinda important for the game, for instance, for ASH i did a flame, for CLK i did a clockface, and since i couldn't think of a super good one for MHM, i drew my favorite scene from the game! To tell you what that is but not quite spoil it for others who might have not played it- pull, phoenix, handle, library, really cool thing happens? ;) lol
just an idea... :)

Слэм Тасманиан said...

This is Russian language. Nancy Drew (on Russian) = Нэнси Дрю.