Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day Two of GTH Pre-Orders

Hooray! It's day two of pre-orders for Ghost of Thornton Hall! There was too much excitement yesterday in the office to express everything that happened, so today I'll share this with you: yesterday we received our print proofs for the boxed game art! Check it out! We posted it on the wall for the entire office to see:

And I also got a copy of the single DVD sleeve for display on my own wall:

How cool is that? So excited!
I also had to take a few moments to read every one's thoughts on the Message Board, too. Sounds like a lot of intrigued sleuths out there!
~Little Jackalope~


Hannah said...

Hmmm... what did you fuzz out there? o_o

Yes very intrigued!

Anonymous said...

Fire so red
Night so black,
Dear, Sweet Charlotte
And also in the trailer you heard a voice saying "Imagine keeping a secret that long...." Was it Clara? Or was it Jesalyne? What if she ends up being the "Bad Guy"... :)


Shainnen Somerville said...

You know LJ, I just thought of something; I was just on the HeRs YouTube channel and I was watching video blogs that you made that were for The Deadly Device, and they were about the screenshots, certain contests, and the characters for the game. It just occurred to me that can you make a Ameteur Sleuth blog about what your opinions are for first impressions about The Ghost of Thornton Hall characters, and also a talk about certain screenshots that you guys put on the games page? Hope you can! xx

Anonymous said...

The cover looks amazing. Is it wrong to wonder what the next game will be already??

From me,

Meghan said...

Just ordered mine!
Its so cool that the stategy guide is free! The trailer looks cool. I just hope its spooky enough (though not too too scary!)

ND's #1 fan said...

Hey LJ, just wanted 2 share this with you! Looks like you're not the only jackalope out there! (^_^)