Monday, November 12, 2012

Cupcakes From a Fan

Today one of our fans, Miriam, got to visit and learn more about how we rock and roll here at Her Interactive. She got to tour and visit with several team members to learn a little from each department, as part of her school requirement to graduate. She immediately became friends with everyone in the office when she brought in something chocolaty: CUPCAKES!!!

But not just any cupcakes! These were inspired by...can you guess? The three pies in Secret of the Old Clock! Using candy as the "fruit", she even included miniature "pies" on top of several...reference to the different sized pies you had to organize in the game. They were amazing. Simply amazing. I <3 them.

As for the weekend puzzle, if you are familiar with ciphers, you might recognize this one as the [Playfair cipher], a rather tricky one if you are doing it by hand. Once you use the keyword to create your alphabet grid (omitting the Q), you pair up the letters in the puzzle accordingly and find this answer: [New Merchandise] which is what is it is. Yay! New stuff!

~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

Clever! I would have never thought of such a creative idea for the cupcakes! I <3 them too. But you probably <3 more because you actually got to tease them:)

Ah, besides my dream of working at HeR, my other dream is to visit the office.:) If plane tickets to WA where an option for a Christmas gift, I'd totally ask for them.
Yay! New stuff! Which probably means my wish list for Christmas gets longer! haha

ComicalCrafty said...

Yumyumyummmmy! I love the pie idea!

Shainnen Somerville said...

Oh my god! Those look so yummy. From a scale on 1-10, how good do you rate them? And love the new merchandise. Will you soon start to be making iPhone 5 cases and create your own design on them?

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Cupcakes. I'll be having some later today (chocolate,of corse) They are actually camoflage colored. My birthday is today. could you maybe shout out if you read this sometime today? You can call me Silvertongue,but my name is Sierra. Thanks!

From me,

ComicalCrafty said...

Happy birthday, Silvertongue/Sierra! (No, I wouldn't have called you Mo by mistake! ;) )