Monday, November 5, 2012

Candy Bears, Ryan and Mason

I had to eat some fruity gummy treats today because my mind was on The Deadly Device...particularly last week's puzzle answer and how I get to explain it today.

To solve the weekend puzzle, you will need to watch the official trailer here. Pause at each of the times listed in the puzzle, and count the number of letters you see on the screen from left to right, top to bottom. If you collect all of the correct letters, you'll get [I less than three them] which is a quote said by Ryan Kilpatrick concerning her colorful candy gummy bears.

We have this image in our Merchandise Store for you to put on a t-shirt, or pillowcase, or mouse pad or whatever you choose! Or if you don't like the quote, there is also the candy bear group. :)

New wallpaper available! You can put Mason Quinto on your desktop as the wallpaper if you so choose. Or you can put Ryan up as your background since she is really fun...and loves gummy bears!
~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

I've yet been to the store to get me some gummy bears. But believe me, it's on the list!:)
I'm sorry Rentaro, but Ryan just took your spot for favorite character!! :D Man, I wish Ryan was real. She's so fun!
I'd totally buy me one, but I'm saving money for ND28 and for our family Disney World trip next year!:D

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh less than three means <3! I never understood that quote till now!

Hannah said...

LOL that paticular gummy bear there kind of looks like Flubber! I can just picture them dancing like they did in that movie. ;)

I really like the way you put that quote there! *Sure wish you'd do fun quotes like that on here more often*

Anonymous said...

So far two things have come to mind since I read this post. 1. I want candy bears and 2. You guys should sell official DED gummy bears!

From me,

Teagpow said...

That's so funny because I did the same thing too 2 days ago I was thinking about the DED and I got gummy bears and and With my desktop I got all the wallpapers and put them together and every 10 seconds it changes so I have a interactive wallpaper : )

AppDude27 said...

In DED, my friend took a picture of Gray when he's staring at you with a mad face and made it they're wallpaper! I couldn't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

Gummy bears...<3 I'm going crazy becouse I haven't played DED yet!I have only 7 dollers, and so I can't buy it yet. ): AppDude27 how did you friend do that? I do the alt/prt scr keys, but with the newer games it will not work!!! I'm so sad.): -NANCYGEEK