Thursday, September 13, 2012

DED: Going for Gold

Last week the leads of the company gathered together in the conference room behind closed doors to each declare ceremoniously by speech and writing that from their perspective, The Deadly Device is FINAL!

Each lead confirms their portion of the game is complete and meets our standards and satisfaction, and then they each sign their name on paper, which goes onto record. The art is complete, the puzzles are working, the story and logic are all in order, the bugs have been fixed, and we are good to go!

The final game build is then burned onto a DVD, and it is titled "Gold Master", (we also have "silver" version). These discs are very important, as one of them represents our main game. All copies of The Deadly Device are burned from a single game build, the final one. The Gold Master and Silver discs are then moved to a hard briefcase which requires a combination code, and then that briefcase is placed in a safe with a different combination, this safe is hidden someplace behind a locked door (but this door is often left open because someone works in there). They are well-protected discs, and even I do not know the's a secret to a few elite people here.

But you don't have to worry about these discs! All you have to think about is your own copy of The Deadly Device! Pre-orders begin on Monday, and I'm currently reviewing the extra content for the BONUS Edition, which everyone who pre-orders will receive. This is the sticker that will go on the physical boxes:

I think tomorrow is a grand day to reveal vital information, wouldn't you agree? ;) Stay tuned for the weekend puzzle!

~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

I seriously almost cried because I'm so happy DED has gone gold!! :):)I'm pretty sure this will be the awesomest game you guys have ever made! Let's hope it lives up to it's expectations:)
*dies* Tra....tra...trailer!?! :O AH! it's so hard to believe that I'll be playing DED in a few weeks! :D :D the next few days I'm going to be doing nothing but dancing around because I'm so excited to pre-order:)

Anonymous said...

Hey LJ my name is Will L. and I was wondering if I could have a birthday shout out on my 14th birthday which is on the 26th of September? Thanks! I love Nancy drew and I am SOOOOOOO excited for DED!!!!!

Timmy said...

That sounds like a ND puzzle! (Where the Gold disk is hidden)

Hannah said...

Aww what a lovely sticker! I can't wait to hear the bonus features tomorrow. And I had no idea that the finished game was locked up in a vault and you had to take such procautions to protect it. Do you have to hire a few security guards too? LOL I'm only kidding.


Mary Jane said...

That's really cool! So HeR has a Gold and Silver Version of all of the games?

AppDude27 said...

This is the first Nancy Drew game that I'm actually going to preorder. I don't think I've ever been more excited for a Nancy Drew game in a while. I mean who doesn't want to figure out a classic murder mystery?

tsukiakari said...

I can just imagine someone imitating Shorty after the paper has been signed, saying "You're good to go." XD

Anonymous said...

I just can't wait for it to come out in stores. I think I should play TMB again while I'm waiting.

From me,