Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tours and Funny Directions

What a busy, fun-filled day! Today I got to lead a tour group around our office. They were high school students who had participated in a contest where they had to present a game design (so cool!). In our conference room, we brought in members from each of the Her Interactive departments to present themselves, give a brief about what they do, and opened it up for Q and A. They got to see the inside of The Deadly Device game, however incomplete it was, but it was soooo cool hearing again from each department. I never get tired of hearing about how we make our games.

Today is also one of our fan's birthdays!

New story: A few days ago my computer monitor heard me coming in, so it got scared and decided to not turn on. Time for a new monitor! Our Network Ninjas came over and replaced my monitor, leaving a small key that unlatches it from the base that it sits on. Attached to the key was a tag with visual warnings about how to handle this monitor, base, and key. it was so funny, that I had to share it, and include my own captions to each picture:

Oh yes, monitors can be very dangerous!
~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

I believe you. Monitors are very unpredictable. We need a new one. It makes me mad that it doesn't want to work if I want to play Nancy Drew.

From me,

Anonymous said...


I feel like I probably wouldn't get a straight answer on this, since everyone can see it, but I've been wondering for quite a while now if all these birthday shout-outs ever get tiring. You know, mundane, tedious (to put it plainly, boring.) Not that they aren't a good thing and all; they show how much you guys care about your fans, but still... I wonder.

So, do they?

Future HeR Animator said...

I'd give anything to tour your office! :D :D LOL LOL! How funny!! :D
Who's been singing Call Me Nancy for the past two days? This girl. ;)

ComicalCrafty said...

LOL about the monitor instructions. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! :) thanks so much! I had a great birthday!

Rachel Nicole said...

XD love your captions.

Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze