Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tomb of the Lost Queen: Pre-orders Are Live!

It was a very exciting and busy morning today at the office! Pre-orders have gone live for Tomb of the Lost Queen and we have been scurrying to get all the last-minute touch-ups, testing and announcements done. We sent out a newsletter for this as well. Have you signed up for our newsletter on our home page? If not and you missed the one that went out today, you can view it here in our archive.

Also, my favorite news for today: The Official Trailer has gone live! Check it out on our YouTube Channel and subscribe to stay informed on all of our video uploads. You can also watch the trailer on our site by going to the product page, scrolling down and clicking on "Watch Trailers".

What'dya think? Does it look like an adventure you would take? Do you think you can handle a challenge and brave the elements to discover Egypt's lost queen? ;)

Extra news for today: “Due to increases in printing costs, we are unable to offer a physical strategy guide for Tomb of the Lost Queen. However, we still offer digital versions of the strategy guide for those that like to purchase a copy with their game.”

(We also posted all the facts you need to know about pre-ordering and shipping on our Dare to Play Blog here.)

~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

Loved the trailer! That was worth waiting for!! If the trailer is great, I CAN'T wait to play TMB. :D Me, my sister and my two best friends are going to get together and play until we finish TMB. Even if we have to stay up until 4:00 in the morning. (which we've been known to do... heh ;))

Anonymous said...

So... what does the "ships no later than the 30th" mean? In the confirmation email it says preorder release shipping is April 13th; is that when the games ship? I'm very confused :P


Rachel Nicole said...

that looks amazing. <3

Future HeR Animator said...

There seem to be a few rumors about saying that you may start pre- order shipping earlier? I would just like to know the truth. :) thanks!! Also, how long will Postal Mail take?

Anonymous said...

Hi little Jackalope!
Will TMB preorders be shipped in the cardboard slip? Thanks!

Anna said...

Love the trailer!!!! Love the graphics!!!! Can't wait to play it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ILUVNANCY!!! said...

YAY!!! I pre-ordered the game like five minutes after it became available!!! I can't wait to play the game and get all the bonus stuff that comes with the pre-ordered version!

MJ said...

love it! wish i could pre-order it!

Anonymous said...

The trailer looks awesome! I love Nancy's voice as narration. I think It'd be amazing to go to a place like that but,although I don't believe in curses,I do believe the egyptians put tone of booby traps to keep people out. (I'd probebly not be quick enough to escape such dangerous traps)

Anyways,I'm excited!!!

From me,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackalope!
Just wonderin' why there wasn't a teaser trailer for TMB?
Thankyou! ;)

Future HeR Animator said...

Thank you! :D

MJ said...

everyone else is sooo lucky! i don't get to pre-order it! :( DARN!

Little Jackalope said...

@pepper -- The 13th is a typo/misprint. Could you forward that confirmation email to techsupport@herinteractive.com so we could see it?

@Rachel Nicole -- Why thanks! ^_^ We appreciate hearing that!

@Future HeR Animator -- The pre-ordered games will ship around April 30th at the latest. (When they go out). "Post" is about 5 days in the U.S. Check out the Dare to Play Blog for more info.

@Anonymous -- The physical boxed pre-ordered game will be sent in a regular DVD case, no extra cardboard. For ASH we added the cardboard case as a 25th game extra since it was a Special Edition.

@Anna -- Yaaaaaay!!!! Glad you liked it! XD

@ILUVNANCY!!! -- Whoo-hoo! You are awesome! ;)

@Silvertongue -- It would be really fun to visit a place like this, yes! I was thinking that the basement of a house should be decorated like an Egyptian tomb. So. Cool.

@Anonymous -- Instead of the teaser trailer, we put up the preview of TMB since it fit best. This is the same preview as seen at the end of ASH.

Battlefield 3 Release said...

Loved the trailer but this game will be released for pre-order much sooner than usual.(April 3) Release date May 8! Usually we had to wait until July.