Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekend Puzzle #135

Hooray for Friday! And so we continue trying to discover the Easter Egg hiding in Alibi in's another hint. Click the image for a larger view:

*Reminder: This puzzle is only for a little weekend fun, you do not need to submit your answer, but if you like, you may discuss it on our message boards here.

Do you have a Facebook account? If you do, we have a Facebook-only "Caption Contest" going on right now! Did you see yesterday's picture of Megan? Head over to our Facebook page and come up with a creative caption: Who is Megan talking to, and what is she saying? Be creative! You could win a couple of Koko Kringle bars!

My schedule for today includes:
  • Try out the puzzles going into our latest game
  • Play a game with the team during lunch break
  • Keep an eye on how the people solve the weekend puzzle
  • Eat a cookie
  • Prepare a free wallpaper download for Monday...and preferences?
  • Attend a meeting
  • Make magic happen
Do you have any weekend plans? I think I might start playing The Haunting of Castle Malloy again...
~Little Jackalope~


ClassicIntrigue said...

haha, I've been having this nagging desire to replay HAU lately, too! Let's go for it! ^_^

Anonymous said...

a tornado from TOT!!!!!

that would be EPIC.

oh, and Little Jackalope, how good can you see pics on your computer, is it better then a normal old monitor?


Anonymous said...

Ha! i just found a Koko in shadow ranch!

Anonymous said...

Iknow where to find it!

Hannah said...

OH why couldn't the entries have been sent in my email? I miss out on so much by not having a facebook account. :( How many Koko Kringle bars will you be giving away exactly?

Anonymous said...

I just finished playing Castle Malloy! great game!

Anonymous said...

No clue how to do this.. so far i think you have to divide the number by 3, subtract 26 and then add how many letters it is in to the word.. sounds too complicated

Little Jackalope said...

Anonymous: Where in Shadow Ranch did you find the Koko Kringle? I have a tough time trying to remember where that one was!

Hannah: We read your comments here as well. If you don't have a Facebook account, go ahead and post you Caption suggestion to the latest blog post we have up. :)

ClassicIntrigue: Whoo-hoo! Do I have a HAU game buddy playing with me? :) I'm about to wander across the bog...oooo, danger, danger!

Anonymous said...

The Koko from shadow ranch you find when Nancy puts the saddle back and sees Jane's card