Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sneaky Sleuthing

I was in need of some blank DVDs to burn some content onto, but the case of discs I had in mind were missing from their original location. Time to solve a little mystery!

After questioning a few suspects and eye-witnesses, I went on a search for those missing blank DVDs. My first stop: my old desk. When moving desks with a few fellow team members, I distinctly recall the case of blank DVDs sitting on a shelf. I then realized that when the said desk became occupied, the discs were moved.

I questioned our tech expert. Next stop: The supply closet. He thought the chances were that someone moved the spare discs into that closet. Bingo! I found a small case. But sadly, there wasn't enough inside.

Next mission: ask Production department if they can spare a few. I was suggested to ask Robert. Walking around the to the other corner of the office, I came upon an empty desk. "Out to Lunch" said the sign on the window. Ah bother! Perhaps if I sent an email, I thought, he will get it sooner than I notice his return from the other end of the building. It worked! Once I procured permission, I made my way to the production department.

It was awfully quiet back there! Many workers were thinking deep thoughts and I didn't want to disturb those genius minds. It started to feel like a Nancy Drew game, particularly The Creature of Kapu Cave where Nancy must sneak in between plants at the Hilihili without getting spotted. Taking quiet steps, I sneaked past the cubicles to the end of the hall where I found a half-empty space hiding my treasure:At the complete opposite end of the building I took what I needed and like stealth, crept back to my desk. I wonder if anyone noticed?

More adventures and mysteries to come, I hope!
~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

You always sound like you have so much fun at work.Are the others as sleuthy as you?You'd better keep an eye out for them...

From me,

Little Jackalope said...

Yep, they are a sneaky bunch! (They have a better sense of humor, and are all really creative.)


Firewing3333 said...

I think Nancy would approve of your sneaky skills. :P