Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Like a Horse Race

Sometimes in the circle of Her Interactive life it feels like we are in a horse race, like in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon: The horses represent tasks and the finish line is the deadline. Each horse has a position they need to finish in before another task (horse) can place. This might sound like a silly comparison, but perhaps the horse race from another part of the game would be a better example: Some tasks have hurdles to jump in order to succeed and make it to the finish. If the horse runs into the hurdle, the horse might need to start over.

A specific example here could be the art for the game box. You have to have the art and screenshots chosen before you can write a caption for them, but both have to be done nearly at the same time.

I'm going to go tend to my racehorses now...
...oh wait! There are a few things I should mention:

~If you are a member on the message boards, there are some new avatars from The Captive Curse available for you to use. Check them out!
~Twitter quote contest today! Do you know who said today's quote?
~Nancy Drew TXT Challenge: If you deleted your 10% off coupon text, you can text "CODE" to the same number and we will re-text you back that code.

~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

I love playing the horse games.especialy the second one.Good luck with work today!

From me,

Little Jackalope said...

The jumping one is fun, I aggree...but long after I've played it I still get "Camptown Races" song stuck in my head. >.<