Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I came in to the office today, walked over to my cubicle and found a crime scene. Can you tell someone has been here? My computer and phone were gone.It only took me a moment to recover from my 2-second shock and remember that today a couple desk changes were made. Me and another office employee switched desks because it strategically made sense. I found my phone and computer around the corner in a new cubicle.
Already a few people walked by and were confused why it looked like I had vacated the premises, and after explaining the switch, I began to wonder how many others would get confused. Hm, shall I send an email out letting everyone know that I'm on the other side, or be cruel and let them think I disappeared?

This reminds me of Sonny Joon's desk in Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Evidence of Sonny Joon's presence was left in the lab. His desk had candy wrappers and a journal with his notes and doodles, but there was no Sonny to be found...

Until tomorrow, (the weekly Twitter quote contest is then)!
~Little Jackalope~

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