Friday, April 9, 2010

Puzzle 49

Here's some weekend fun courtesy of Designer Ben. It looks flashy, but I'm sure you'll take it down in no time. Enjoy!

- Puzzle 49 -


Good luck, and I'll see ya Monday!

- Novel -

P.S. #48 is still kicking. With codes, there are still many unknowns.  Some are tricky, and some are fun.  I'm sure you'll find the right one sooner or later.  ^.~


Serena said...

Hey Novel!
I was wondering around how many entries for the competitions you get each day?

Allison said...

I don't get it. How am I supposed to figure out these puzzles if there are no hints? Lol. And that goes for the people who cannot think and are very tired. (Like I am, this late at night.)

Novel_Sleuth said...

@serena - You know, I'm not too sure. I don't run all of them, and when I do I'm pretty slack about keeping track. :P For the art contest, it has been pretty varied. We get more entries over the weekends than any other time. We've had a pretty good turnout for this contest though!

@Allison - Sometimes people will use the message boards to work together to try different techniques or solving methods. Other people will work alone, using their own cryptography skills (or whatever the think will work). We definitely like to make a challenge for our fans though!

- Novel -