Monday, April 5, 2010

Many Things

It was a rainy weekend, but that just means more sunshine in our future, right? We had some good fun last week. I hope you enjoyed our little April's Day prank. We're in to a bit of clowning about here in the office too. We've had all sorts of fiascoes in the past, but this year was a bit tame. Only a few re-arranged chairs and misplaced office supplies. Still the spirit of the office was lively. We're going to hold onto that!

Oh, as an aside... April is National Poetry Month! I'm a big fan of writing, so you know I'm excited. It's an excuse to get out there and create. Speaking of which, we're still running the Nancy Drew Art contest. I'd love to see even more entries, give it a shot!

As for a puzzle update, it looks like you've latched on to a particularly interesting solution.  Unfortunately it isn't the right one.  >.<  I've managed to come up with a small hint for you.

- Puzzle 48 Hint -

To solve this puzzle you only need one code.


Good luck with the puzzle! Adieu~

- Novel -

P.S. I read an interesting post today by a user, Safecracker.  I guess I should say that my mind has been read!  In fact we have already begun production on such an "adventure."  I can't say that you'll see it in a game, but perhaps we've got a few creative uses lined up!


Anonymous said...

Im safecracker! wow I read your mind

Anonymous said...

Hmm, looks like my interesting lime green color is useless after all! XD

Emma said...

What April Day's prank are you talking about?

Novel_Sleuth said...

@ safecraker - quite so, quite so. ^.~

@ anon - It was definitely a creative solution, and a good use of the information. It just wasn't the right answer. >.<

@ emma - The April Fool's Day Prank was announcing the "Sonny Joon Adventure Series." Which we are not actually releasing.

- Novel -