Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In Tuesday

So continuing the string from yesterday; we've added a new chapter to the "Catch a Cat" video on our YouTube page
This particular one focuses on Mel's interactions with the mysterious "Black Cat"
The twitter soap is nearing its conclusion. Oh and we've also made the Warnings at Waverly website live. You should check it out, there's all sorts of cool stuff to do. You can find it here:

and let us not forget the hint for those of you still diligently working on Puzzle #29! Straight from Ben's brain to your computer, here it is:

-- Puzzle 29 Hint --

Be sure to apply the rules only where the poem tells you to.


Oh and let us not forget that WAC launched today! It is finally here, good luck to all you sleuths, we hope you enjoy it! I'll catch ya on the flip side.

- Novel -


Anonymous said...

Hi! I was just on the waverly website filling out the application and i figured it all out except for the library question. I typed in every variation of 'poison ivy' and 'poison ivy library' i could think of, but it still wouldn't work! Help!

HerInteractive said...

@ anon - I'm not too sure if this is right, but I think it may be just "The Ivy" Don't hold me to it, though. :P

- Novel -