Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Image in Wednesday

Now occurring on this Wednesday; photos, videos, and your feedback ;)

We've added Rachel's video to our "Catch a Cat" film series. Be sure to check it out.

I'm certain that by now many of you have already begun your virtual lives at Waverly Academy. Be sure and send us feedback, we want to know if you like it! You can send us your thoughts via email to:

And for the fabulous photo of the week:

Yup, that's a giant, stuffed brain cell; found in an obvious spot - just outside of designer Cathy's cubicle. We always knew she had a big brain, I just didn't know it was so fuzzy. :P

- Novel -


Firewing3333 said...

Oh wow, I thought it was an elephant!

Insanity said...

oh my god that brain cell is adorable.

Tell Cathy she's awesome, 'kay?