Thursday, August 6, 2009

Today I have a question for you guys! You already know how valuable your opinions are for us so it was suggested to me to ask you, that avid fans, this simple question:

What is your favorite second chance scene and why?

In other news today, I’ve asked the entire office to join me and Novel for a big game of Apples to Apples because it was recently discovered that he, in fact, has never played before. I’m very excited seeing as it’s one of my favorite games ever. Hopefully a lot of people will come and get in on the wild comparison action!

Other than relentlessly trying to get as many people involved in the game as possible, today I worked some on the RED microsite which will be up in the near future and thought of ideas for something HI could do for Nancy Drew’s 80th birthday which is also coming up shortly.
Oh! And if you didn’t know, we started pre-orders for Resorting to Danger today! You can check out the info here:

Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger info:

Pre-order page with RED:

Tomorrow Novel will be on with the weekend puzzle so have a wonderful weekend!

Summer Sleuth


Anonymous said...

I actually have many favorite second chance scenes. I love the three second chances in STFD because you feel as though you are immersed in the game. I also found that the second chances in this game seem the most realistic: for example, getting caught snooping at night. It made me actually “run” through the halls. It also had that feeling of unpredictability: you didn’t know when the guard would catch you, so like the real Nancy Drew, you had to get in, snoop, and get out. This definitely added to the suspense element in the game as well as contributed to the “realistic”-ness of the game.

Two other favorites: 1) DDI, with the [incorrect] sandwich making. 2) Pulling the emergency brake in TRN. These are, perhaps, the funnier second chance moments :)

Also, regarding RED, will the game page be updated with character pictures, trailers, and perhaps a mini-game? I would like some more information before I purchase the game.

Thank you.

CosetteRocks said...

I really enjoyed Lou Lou dying from the cake in CUR, though I'm not sure that's my favorite...It was so hilarious! My top two scariest (not entirely sure if that's a good thing!) were the climax of SSH, which gave me NIGHTMARES as an eight year old (or however old I was back then...I don't remember!) and the climax from SHA. The culprit's voice was so creepy for some reason! I also loved when Nancy slipped on the sandbar in DDI and she called Hannah (something about a wheelchair is sticking in my head! It was funny!) Wow...thinking about it, there have really been tons of great ones!

Wait...did you mean second chance MESSAGES? (ie The Good News: ...) Wow, if that was the case I just totally missed the boat. Most of those have succeeded in making me crack up, though nothing specific is sticking in my head right now... :D

Or was it supposed to be opportunities to die without necessarily dying...yikes. I'm confused. But I liked the scenes in VEN and DDI where you had to duck out from underneath falling objects or get squished. They were always a surprise and it's fun to have to think fast on your feet.

Sorry if I didn't answer the right question!

Alex said...

Either giving a stinky sandwich with expired mayonnaise to Katie (DDI) or waking up Mrs. Drake in the night (CUR) :D

Oh, how I love second chances!

KingsRider said...

Really? We play Apples to Apples all the
time! Its a fun game to play especially with
a bunch of people!
I personaly luv to have scenes where Nancy dies from falling or jumping to far cause her screams are so funny! I know, I'm evil, but I enjoy those so much! SHA had the best 2nd chance scenes. The cinch one was so funny since it took me forever to figure it out when I was little!

Alice =D said...

I like the ones in SHA with the oven, where they really chew you out over how you failed, and you get to see the porch door, which you don't normally. I love the one in STFD where you die at the very end. I like the one in DDI where you break your leg and leave a message at Hannah's. And the ones where you get caught on the boat at the end.

Girl Detective said...

One of my favorite second chance scenes is from DDI when Nancy poisons Katie with the bad sandwich. I love the phone call with George afterwards where she says, "Gee Nancy. I never tried to poison one of your friends." The old second chances when Nancy talks to someone and gets in trouble were priceless!

Anonymous said...

I like the good news/bad news comments! They are really funny!

Anonymous said... favorite second chance. I was thinking about this the other day as well. I have several, but if I have to narrow it down, it would probably have to be the bomb going off in STFD or the ending of STFD and not getting away from the villian in time.