Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Picture Wednesday

Hey y’all,

Every week the Art team from our Dossier series (AKA “the casual team”) has a theme for their white board and throughout the course of the week anyone in the office can come by and draw many an image related to it. Often times the board is completely covered with colorful artwork. For today’s picture, I thought I’d show you guys a board they did a little while back, with the theme “cause and effect” that depicts several adventurous young creatures playing with colorful spheres!

Yeah, some of them are a little bit creepy looking, but really they’re just a bunch of trapeze swinging, air guitar playing, misunderstood critters. I just think it’s cool to see all the detail and creativity the artists here at HI put into everything, not just the games!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the hundred degree weather has subsided, and we’re back to cloudy skies here in Seattle. In fact, it’s gotten so cold that I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt today!

Summer Sleuth


Firewing3333 said...

Whoa, that board's pretty awesome! Candy Mountain wouldn't be related to Charlie the Unicorn would it? *twitch twitch* Just kidding. But long sleeved shirts? I envy you guys so much now!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Cool pic!!! =]

I have a quick question. Will you guys ever give us the answer to the ND21 puzzle?

KingsRider said...

Wow. Those are pretty neat!
Wonder if Sonny Joon ever got inspired by these artists? ;)
Must be really neat to work in an office of such talented people!

Anonymous said...

Is it weird that I totally love this picture? Seriously, those little critters are so cute (in a creepy way). Especially love the one on the trapeze and the ones on the teeter-totter type thing.