Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hello hello and happy August (granted, I’m a little late)!

Well if you guys have been following the Her Interactive Twitter account or the message board, you’ve probably noticed that we at Her Interactive dedicate a lot of time to listening to your feedback and trying our best to make the changes to our games to make them all the more enjoyable. So the last couple days I’ve spent doing just that.

Yesterday I spent almost the entire day compiling over 100 pages of user reviews from the message boards for some of earliest, most popular games. Today I’ve been playing through those games in order to better understand just what it is about them that makes us sit on the edge of our seat biting our nails in suspense.

One of my favorite parts about HI is reading the emails of user feedback sent to us throughout the week. It’s awesome to work for a company that tries to listen to its fans. It’s wonderful to read all the positive comments but it’s also really important to hear the constructive criticism you all offer. We always strive to make the best game possible, and right now that means figuring out just how to bring back some of “the old” while still coming up with new puzzles and story lines – which is super fun for me because it means I get to go back and play old games!

And I know I probably say this every week, but amazing job on the weekend puzzle. I don’t know if I would have ever figured that whole nautical flags thing! It’s really great to see you guys work with one another to solve something and I love seeing how you go about putting the pieces together!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

Your job sounds like the best ever -- browsing the forums and playing some of the best ND games? :D And I'm so happy you guys are listening to your fans.