Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekend Puzzle #225

Some of us in the office are big football fans and are really excited for our big game tomorrow. It reminded me of how Nancy is also a fan of football in the books, especially since Ned plays at Emerson College. Go Emerson!!

And here's your weekend puzzle:

Also, we have a few important birthdays to announce!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!
~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the birthday shout, LJ!
I like the medallion from Treasure in the Royal Tower in it. Its one of my favorite games!

Cool team photo of you guys in Seahawks uniforms!

Shainnen Somerville said...

Weekend puzzle is a another way to show you that you can type using the Alt key and there will be a secret surprise by doing so. And you get "Off limits area? Not to Nancy!" :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Arglefumph, Madeleine, and Emma!
Another way to type? hmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

My birthday is today, Jan. 11! Name Wyn, age 13! I'd love it if you wished me a yo yo b-day!

Anonymous said...

Are we going to have 14 Hints of 2014?

Bethany Smith said...

Off limits area? Not to Nancy!

...and not to us either ;)

William D said...

Oh, hey hey, Happy B-Day, Michael!
Anyways, since the Bears are already out of the playoffs -grumble grumble- and since I don't think they even made it in -grumble grumble- I hope your team wins xD

Abigail Bernstein said...

Hey LJ, I was wondering if you were phoenix in arglefumph's walkthrough for DED? (or if you know her) Also, any other games based on books? If they were, I'd like to read'em. Thanks! :)
PS: Can you do a post with a listing of the short names of all the games? I need an official reference. Thanks!