Thursday, January 16, 2014

Replaying A Nancy Drew Game

I have a friend who plays Nancy Drew games only once, and once completed it, never returns to play it again.

I'm different. I replay Nancy Drew games over and over and over again. XD I really like playing it in (almost) different sequences, exploring rooms at different times or try to get different answers from characters. I remember replaying The Final Scene just to try racing against the kidnapper's moves when he/she takes Maya around the building. I'd always try to get to her hiding location before the culprit did.

In later games, it's fun to replay in attempts to get all of the end-game meta awards and trophies, as well as purchase all foods and souvenirs in the processes.

Do you replay Nancy Drew games? What do you do differently each time you play them?

~Little Jackalope~


Shainnen Somerville said...

I think that's crazy if you only play a ND game only once. I always have to go back to see if I missed something. Plus the graphics are always cool to look at, like you are actually delved into the game and your really there in real life :)

Isis4ever said...

I replay all the time! I can't imagine who wouldn't! (Well, I guess your friend...xD) I like to play them in a different sequence, and to switch between Junior and Senior (aka Amateur and Master).


ND's #1 fan said...

LOL LJ I am the exact same way XD
I've probably played VEN 10 or more times all the way through, and SPY maybe 7-8! (those are 2 of my top 3 favorites, CAP being the other one) (^_^)

Anonymous said...

I love replaying ND games- we have so many of them, it's like, "oh I haven't played this one in a while" then I do it! (:
I love getting the awards, and getting new answers from the suspects. or sometimes I notice things I didn't before. (: lol, I got done with SPY and started over again right then and there (:
I get sad when a game's over. (:

Chune said...

I've been a Nancy Drew fan for over 4-5 years now and I played every game more than once... Actually I've been unemployed since August and instead of searching for a new job, I've spent this time playing all games from Secrets Can Kill to SPY, once again... It took me months to complete cuz I was really enjoying them and playing very slowly... But they always make me happy and I think of playing them once again if I can't find a job soon. :) And I'm 26 years old. Yes.

Anonymous said...

I play Nancy Drew games all the time to see how fast i can complete them, and try not to make mistakes, and to collect all trophys

Anonymous said...

This is getting me felling that a past person from a game is going to be here.. Soony Joon..

Sandy Holliday said...

I replay them every year. It's like stepping into Nancy Drew books and revisiting old friends. I like to try to make something different happen and get excited when I discover a new item or event on my own.

Katie said...

Lol, I feel so guilty! I only play my games once! But I also only read books once, and watch movies once. Must just be me!!