Monday, October 14, 2013

Playing SPY Tomorrow?

Tomorrow's the big day we have all been waiting for! Tomorrow you get to download and play the BONUS EDITION of Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy! Everyone who pre-ordered the digital copy will get to play Nancy's latest mystery very soon. Are you ready to learn the truth about Kate Drew? Sign up for our newsletter here to stay updated on all of our important news coming up, in case you haven't subscribed, yet. ;)

We have already seen a few entries to the Twitter Pumpkin Carving Contest (learn more here). They are looking sharp! Anyone have ideas for a carving? (You don't have to share it now, you can save it as a surprise when you post your picture.)

Sounds like several of you recognized the Pigpen (or Masonic) cipher from the weekend puzzle. Here's the solution:

Tomorrow, you may learn exactly what this means...

~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

ahhh!!! i'm so excited :D I think the secret room will be hidden in teh place where kate lived and I can't wait to see it!


Anonymous said...

Man! I didn't download the digital edition! When will the people who got the physical edition get their games?


Isis4ever said...

Oh, I've had my dates mixed up! I thought I didn't get to play SPY until Wednesday! Oh, my gosh, I'm really excited now!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just curious:
What's your favorite ND soundtrack?
Favorite mini game?

BT said...

When do you ship out the physical copies to everyone that pre-ordered the physical editions??

Anonymous said...

got my game :) came in the mail


Anonymous said...

Can you compare SPY"s game play to another game?
Does out have few puzzles? Lots of action? (I realize that's asking a lot)

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to SPY, but I need reassurance it's not a sad game!
I hope it's exiting and adventurous as the trailer (which is super cool) shows.

Little Jackalope said...

@katedrewisalive -- I don't think you have reached the secret room, yet... :) but good luck finding it!

@Teagpow -- Check your order status in your account to see when your copy will arrive. :)

@Isis4ever -- Surprise! Time to play SPY!

@Anonymous -- My personal favorite soundtrack is the music from Curse of Blackmoor Manor, and my favorite mini-game is...hmm...putting snacks together in Warnings at Waverly Academy.

@BT -- Check your order status by logging into your account on our site.

@Anonymous -- Hmm, it's tough to compare SPY to other games, but I'll try: It feels like VEN and WAC combined, but only a little bit. It has a great amount of activities which are quite diverse, which makes it fun. It has about the same amount of action as our recent games like TMB, CAP, and SAW.

Hope that helps! If you want more detailed reviews, check out our message boards!