Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

Today is the big day!! Nancy Drew's 29th mystery is now officially released! You can find The Silent Spy in all major retail stores, and of course, our web site. However, our web site is the only place you will receive a free digital strategy guide when you order the game.

So who's going to the store today to bring home a Scotland adventure? I've personally decided that SPY is now in my top 5 favorites (now I need to re-order my favorites lists). This is because I believe SPY has an overall excellent balance of all the elements I love about a Nancy Drew game: great story, characters with secrets, a secret room or hidden compartment in the game, new location/environment access half-way through the game play, great puzzle variation and difficulty, sleuthing and snooping in places and people's stuff.

by Her Interactive, Inc

How do you rate games? Be sure to post your review of the game to our Message Board! We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Tomorrow I have a lot of fan art and fan love to share with you, so stay tuned!

~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

it is one of the best games :)well done (although one of the achievements annoyed me)
I had a dream I think twice now of a nancy drew that takes place by the ocean in a round down one level house, it's brightly lit and, here's the scary part, there's zombies outside!! AHHH XD it was awesome you could see them outside the windows and through the cracks in the old worn out loose door and it was great :D I hope someday it'll be a real game, I want to know what's turning the people into zombies!!! XD

Anonymous said...

I purchased The Silent Spy yesterday (Tuesday) at a local store...I tried to muffle my scream when I saw it!
I started playing it yesterday and cannot wait to start playing today. I'm not that far in it, but I can already tell it will be one of my top favorites too!

Anonymous said...

I really wish I could play this game right now, it looks so good! Could you please wish my friend Laurel happy birthday on the 28th? She is turning 14 and her favorite game is Shadow at the Water's Edge.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for this game! Also, Little Jackalope, can
you please have a birthday shout-out for Erin, who is
turning 14 on the 28th. Her favorite game is the Deadly
Device. Thank you!

William D said...

Gonna start playing it soon ;D Might not see me for a couple of days xD
I'll tell you how I rate it when Im dooone :D XD

Allison said...

Nope, that isn't me, but happy birthday other Allison! :)

Red Panda said...

Hey, LJ my birthday is on the 28th of October My favorite game is either Spy or GTH My name's Nina, and i'm turning 11.

-Thanks RP

Anonymous said...

Will this be available on Steam anytime soon? It's where I buy all of my ND games but I can't see it on there at the moment.

Anonymous said...

What stores is The Silent Spy sold in?