Thursday, February 21, 2013

Collecting info on GTH

So I'm trying to write this post really fast so that I can get back to playing through Ghost of Thornton Hall...again...

This time, I'm not preparing for ratings materials, rather I am collecting information. Here's the list I'm you can see, I haven't written anything yet. :P

Today our CEO brought in doughnuts again (thank you!!). I have to highlight this because it's always worth admiring:

Speaking of may want to start paying attention to blank areas of the posts. I've already hidden some messages. ;)

~Little Jackalope~


ComicalCrafty said...

"After all, the blinking eyes are just too cool!"

Where?! Where?! :O

And that is most definitely an eclair, and I wish I worked for HeRInteractive precisely so that I could eat that one. :D

Shainnen Somerville said...

Oh wow! I just totally saw that! "Blinking eyes are just too cool!" Wonder what that could mean. Like from CUR on Janes door? Or something new? Didn't find anything hidden in this post though.. Or maybe it's just my eyes. Those look like some good donuts too. Yum!

Future HeR Animator said...

How many times do you think you test a game before it's released? Do you ever get tired of playing it?

Ohh, I shouldn't work there... I'd gain 30 pounds... XD

I've seen those messages! Because I copy your posts and put them on a Facebook page my friend and I run that is dedicated to this blog:) And I've been reading on my iPod which doesn't hide the words like it does on the computer.

Anonymous said...

Hi LJ! Ohh the donuts look so good! Yum!!! My b-days tomorrow (12!yay!) I can't wait!!!! Hopefully i'll get some HeRinteractive stuff!! (:
NANCYGEEK aka Cambria

P.s. I'm trying to make ND paper dolls, I'm making Nancy, ( looking at the half pic of Nancy on ASH) Is she suppose to have bangs?

Anonymous said...

Those look like good donuts, but usually, I prefer the chocolate-covered yeast donuts.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I want to doughnut with the sprinkles! They're my favorites!

From me,

ILUVNANCY!!! said...


HopeFollows said...

Blank areas of the posts? What does that mean?
>.> Ugh, did something just fly over my head?