Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Koko Mallos Krazy

I was looking through our merchandise store and realized that I had not discussed my absolute favorite image in there.

Koko Mallos!! Oh how I wish they were real...I already love marshmallows and these became a natural favorite when Ryan had me fetch some from the candy case in The Deadly Device. I just had to make sure that everyone else who was a fan could at least get these images on the products in the merchandise store.

Here are a few examples:

~The iPad design, T-shirt design and the mugs~

It especially looks great on the pillowcase; it's so very colorful!
...and since I was in the sugar type of mood, that's what this week's poll is about...Nancy Drew treats. (~.^) (See poll to the right of this page).
~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

Hi!!! I can't wait for my B-day cuz I want to get some cool ND stuff!!!!!! I re-played DED for the 3 time and I just need to get 2 more awards, and I'll have every award!!!!!! I made my candy scrapbook and my award scrapbook, and I love them! ( Thx for all these cool awards!!!) DED is my fav ND game. I <3 it!!! Ryan is also my fav character! And I have been craving gummy bears latley. (: (I also love gummy bear theater!!) Yummy! Koko mallos!! I love anything kokoy! ( Koko choo-choos look awesome!) Bye bye!

Anonymous said...

I want a real Koko Mallo. Can you guys please,please,please make more candy in the very very near future! Maybe even put them in the store so I can buy some! (I totally want another Koko Kringle!)

From me,