Thursday, January 24, 2013

Interview with Creative Director, Tim!

The first revealed hint from the past blog post 13 hints for 2013 has been revealed today! #5 on the list, "Director" was a reference to our Creative Director, Tim.

Today we posted a video interview of this long-term Her Interactive artist who has worked on every Nancy Drew game to our YouTube Channel. Enjoy!

Here's a tip for you: the next to be revealed will *likely be #3.
~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

Thanks for the awesome interview!:D I enjoyed every second!! Is that GTH music I hear?;D I'm so excited, but I'm a bit nervous to see how scary this game will be. SAW was very creepy!

Anonymous said...

Was he interveiwed onthe Herinteractive blog a few years ago?
Do his kids ever get to come in and be game testers? I think that'd be cool.
Are you gonna sell gummy bears?!!

From me,

Kyokai said...

I'm enjoying all the interviews. Thanks for taking the time to make them! :) I thought it was really cool to see one of the artists behind the games.

Sarah said...

More episodes of Firefly? I SO second that one.