Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekend Puzzle #177

Head's up! There are only a few Lickie Loo lollipops left for those who order a game before the end of Sunday!

To continue with our bug episode from yesterday, I'd thought to mention that a large wasp found its way into our office today, and was buzzing around the light above my head. Since I'm rather short, I had no way of reaching it, and since it doesn't scare me as much as spiders....I left it alone. It's gone idea where to, but at least the buzzing has stopped!

This weekend's puzzle is just for your entertainment. However, it does relate to the next Nancy Drew Game: (Click the image for a larger view).

~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

It looks like a mask of some sort. I might be wrong, but didn't the ghost from the next Nancy Drew teaser have a mask?


ILUVNANCY!!! said...

It's a nonogram, right? I printed it out and solved it, but I don't get it. What is it a picture of? I can't tell what it's supposed to be.

ILUVNANCY!!! said...

Oh wait! I got it! I know what it is but I wont spoil it for other people. You just have to stand back a little to see what its a picture of.

Karina said...

I've already solved it! But I don't know how to send the solved puzzle?Please tell me!!!
p.s Nancy Drew is a great game

Anonymous said...

Yay! Renograms!

Anonymous said...

I know what it is so I'm going to try to use the hint/tip thing but I don't know if it will works here is what it is [spoiler*]It is a mask![/spoiler] There it is.

Anonymous said...

Where's little jackalope???
She didn't post today!!! (Monday)