Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekend Puzzle #157

We have a new development in the egg mystery that has been going on. I will catch you up on it next week.

Today in the office we are having a kick-off meeting for our next game ND#28. After our designer presents her fabulous PowerPoint, getting everyone  on the same page as we are about to begin this new project (no worries, we are still working very hard on The Deadly Device) we will celebrate with watching a movie in the kitchen. Here's a sketch of me watching the movie from the Tomb of the Lost Queen kickoff meeting:

Once the artists have finished the majority of their art projects, they continue fixing bugs, and then begin the early stages of the next game's environments. Our Character Designer has already been working on the character concepts, and I love what I've seen so far!

I have a new puzzle for you to crack. It contains an insider look at The Deadly Device. ;)


Good luck sleuths! And have a great weekend! (Oh, and be sure to submit your Video Testimonials!)
~Little Jackalope~


Future HeR Animator said...

I'm so excited for DED:D can't wait to meet the characters!

Anonymous said...

Hey,I feel exhausted. I spent the last two days witha friend at the Fair so I'm trying to catch up on your posts. Can't wait to hear about the egg develpoment.

From me,

Anonymous said...

love your drawings! theyr so cool! also: hope you cach the egg thief!

~GJ fan

Anonymous said...

Little Jackalope-

I was wondering when the official trailor for The Deadly Device is coming out. I know that's probably in that "Top Secret" info, but thought I'd ask anyway.

Hannah said...

Oooh now I'm dying to know what movie you watched!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Little J.! I wanted to share with you one of the ways HeR Interactive has touched my life.

A few years ago, we found out my mom had lung cancer. So we went to Mayo Clinic so she could get treatment. That meant a lot of waiting around. But at Mayo Clinic, in some waiting rooms, they have computers that patients and their families can use.

This was when I discovered HeR Interactive's website. I spent countless hours on there, reading the game rumors and other fun things you have. You helped me pass the time and forget some of the troubles my family was facing.

Also, once my mom got treatment, she still couldn't do a lot of physical activity. When we got home, we played Nancy Drew games together, since she could do that sitting down.

My mom is cancer-free now, and we both love to play Nancy Drew games and are looking forward to the Deadly Device!

I just wanted to thank HeR Interactive for providing us something fun my mom and I can do together, and helping me forget my troubles.

Share this story with your team if you wish! Many thanks to all of you, and may many more games come from this company!

A devoted HeR fan,


Teagpow said...

What movie was it?

Anonymous said...

Well I wish they release this game in India too I'm a big fan of nancy drew

Teagpow said...

what movie did you guys watch?
and cool puzzle can not wait to find out!

Thanks,Teagpow(Amateur Sleuth)

Anonymous said...

This puzzle is impossible, could you give us a hint Little Jackalope?

Anonymous said...

Hi Little Jackalope! I was just wondering about something I saw a while back in some of the blog posts: fans can came visit you guys at HI HQ? How?

krazy rabbit 23 said...

My birthdays coming up!!! Name: Zara Khan, Birthday: July 24th. Expecting a shoutout, please

Anonymous said...

right is higher

Little Jackalope said...

@Silvertongue -- Ooo, the Fair sounds fun! Hope you ate some great Fair food!

@~GJ fan -- Why thank you!

@Anonymous -- Hmm, I'm not sure when the official Trailer comes out for DED, perhaps in September or late August...we'll have to see.

@C. -- This is an excellent story! May we post this on our Testimonials pages on our site?

@Anonymous -- Yes, you can schedule a visit and a tour of our office, but we would need an advance notice, like at least a week. :)

@Anonymous -- That's totally right!