Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cookies, what else is there?

Thank goodness for Wednesday! There was a small invitation on the counter today and soon we'll be in cookie bliss. Cookies and making games, there's nothing better. Don't let anyone fool you, they go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Quick quiz though: What's the HI favorite Girl Scout brand of cookie? (here's a hint)

Have you got a favorite?

Yup, we've got two unrestrained passions here at the HQ; baked goods and Nancy Drew. ^.~

BTW, we're putting out a newsletter today, check it out!

Puzzle 37 is still unsolved, but very very close to being done.

- Hint Puzzle 37 -

It's not about what is missing, it's about what isn't.


- Novel (el) -


Phoenix Star said...

I'm guessing a tie between Samoas and Thin Mints? (Those are my favorites as well) Glad to see the game design world loves cookies! :D

Anonymous said...

Thin Mints?

Firewing3333 said...

Haha, it's Girl Scouts cookie season here too. Going to guess...Samoas and Thin Mints for HI?

Anonymous said...

It looks like thin mints? I ordered the most boxes at work. 10!!!

Ann Griffin said...

thin mints