Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin'

I'm back today, and was quite ready to play the prankster on this, the first of the month. However. After various edits of my "Fools' Post," I thought that it would be much more humorous of me to instead reward you with an honest blog with never-before-seen content. (Does this count as pranking my editors?)

Yesterday my very gracious substitute posted a picture of an island far to the west of the U.S. and for those of you who guessed, that place is Hawaii, a location visited by Nancy in Creature of Kapu Cave.

So in honor of the above statements, I thought I would make a post about something of a similar boast, an image from the eastern coast. This one you may not know yet. But rest assured, you'll recognize it soon enough.

Enjoy! and Happy April Fools' Day!

- Novel, Opening -


Anonymous said...

Novel- Why doesn't HeRs blog write that much? But you write almost everyday!!

Novel_Sleuth said...

@Anonymous - Well, that's a great question that I'd love to answer.

The official HeR blog lets everyone know about all the cool things that the company is doing. There aren't too many updates as we only do a couple of games a year, so they like to make sure each post is well thought-out.

The amateur sleuth blog is mostly about the inner workings of HI, so I've got a lot more to say. Though not all of it is really "news-worthy" :P

You can kinda think of it like this: The "Dare to Play" blog is the voice of the company (HeR), while the AS blog is the voice of its employees.

Thanks for the awesome question!


kaitie said...

oooh I remember this screenshot on the DTP blog! :D hmmm what could it beeee. . . what island is close to the Bahamas. . . or else it IS an island on the Bahamas. haha I'll hafta think about this one. .