Thursday, February 5, 2009

HI Snapshots #4

Yes. we have two Craniums. :P




Lib said...

Haha, I love Cranimum!
Apparently you do too. (x2!)
What are some of those other games though?
Is that a mystery to boggle us

AS said...

@Lib - Nope, no mystery :) Let's see, a few others:

-The Simpsons Trivia Card Game
-Several 1000 & 1500 piece puzzles
-A Chess/Backgammon/Checkers set
-Killer Bunnies (?!?)

Haha, random enough for you?

Lib said...

Almost, lol! How do you guys have time for all

Jennifer said...

Do you guys play those games a lot?? If you do then you should be working more on the nancy d games instead of cranimum....although those games are super duper