Friday, February 13, 2009

$11,000 Diamond Mario

$11,000 Mario Pendant. (Now that’s what happens to Mario when you find the Super Star – lol)



The frame is made of 10 karat gold and the total amount of diamonds adds up to 14.5 cts. Total estimated price: $11,857 dollars.


Tyz said...

That's like..really kewl! Too much money for me but extrememly kewl!

Anonymous said...

That's cool!
But...why are you posting this on
a ND website? <:/

Kaitie said...

omg that is AMAZING!

giftedgothic said...

I'm 17 yrs. old and if there was a ND pendant like that, I'd so buy it. lol (well, once I somehow gained all the money to do so!)

Gwen said...

Woa. That's so cool! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Can they make one with cubic zirconia? =P
Why on earth would you make a gold, daimond-coated video game character? (Even if that character absolutely rocks!)

Jennifer said...

WOW...that is pretty pretty cool!!!!!!
Maybe one day they will make one for Princess Peach too....uh just kidding....Mario has always been the coolest

misty said...

Haha, too cool!

Anonymous said...

or a zelda and link one :)