Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekend Puzzle #233

We have randomly selected a winner from all entries to the Kindle Fire contest! Congrats to Jessica!

This weekend we continue our Nancy Drew Marathon by playing Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Join us as we play the first Nancy Drew game that Sonny Joon's doodles appeared in, which was over 11 years ago!

On a random note, we have some fan photos to share with you! This is Ashley, a huge Nancy Drew fan who had her picture taken with Nancy Drew books!

And here's your weekend puzzle, an alternative code:

We also have a birthday!

~Little Jackalope~


Anonymous said...

"Surprise! Your life is dangerous now!"

Uh Oh ! That doesn't sound good for Nancy! But it sounds mighty thrilling to me! Can't wait for May 13 :))

Anonymous said...

*Spoiler Alert* - Below is the cracked code!

"Surprise! Your life is dangerous now!" (a quote from the game perhaps?)

Shainnen Somerville said...

The weekend puzzle is an alternate code, so it comes out to be "Surprise! Your life is dangerous now!" Quote probably meaning something in reference to MED!

Ruthie said...

Oh sorry I forgot to tell you when my friends birthday is it is on April 7th!
Thanks again!

Little Jackalope said...

@ Ruthie -- What is your friend's name? :)

Anonymous said...

Hai!!! Umm... can I pwitty pwease have a birthday shoutout???? My name is Nicole and im turning 14 today! (Kinda late but i love the ones you do) >v<