Monday, December 9, 2013

Treasure in ... Your Home!

Have you entered the cookie contest? Last weekend we showed you the prizes for winning here:

Take a look at that! (I know, I'm still SUPER excited). One of the holiday ornaments (which are made of ceramic) are from Treasure in the Royal Tower! I pretty much added the three colored medallions from the game, but then I couldn't stop there. Since the ornaments are double-sided (you get to pick an image for the front and an image for the back) I also added Marie's favorite color: purple, to match the box art color. This way it seems more matching, I think.

You could also choose to purchase these medallion ornaments in our store here. One idea: buy two circle ornaments, on one ornament you could have the red and blue, the other could be purple and green, that way, you have all the colors. ;)

Looks like you all solved the weekend puzzle! Using semaphore flag code, you can decipher the little jackalopes to read [Bird names]. Which, as some of you did suspect, is not, in fact, a reference to SPY...

Also, I wanted to highlight some more awesome fan art sent in to

We have a birthday today!

~Little Jackalope~


Nina said...

Me and my friend, Megan, we are going to be making cookies together. We both like ND and baking! Yay!

Anonymous said...

I didn't really think it was until Shainnen said it was earlier. But I wonder what it has to do with ND 30.....If that's what it is referring to.

Shainnen Somerville said...

Hmm that's interesting.. It's nothing to do with SPY? Well I could make a huge assumption and maybe it might have something to do with Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake and Red Knott but I highly doubt it LOL. I know in the end it might have something to do with MED

Little Jackalope said...

The puzzle reference from last weekend refers to MED. ;)