Monday, November 11, 2013

Identify That Game!

Veterans Day! A big thank you to all who served!

I thought I'd grab a screen shot to share with you to tease what I'm working on right now:

Also, it looks like a bunch of you were able to find the secret message in the weekend puzzle! Congrats! Since there were only a few games you had trouble identifying, I'll go ahead and post the entire answer:

Once you have correctly identified the games, count the number of letters in the title to get a letter for the message. The end result will say [Real father and daughter voices]. This means our actors for Carson and young Nancy. Too cool, right? XD


~Little Jackalope~


William D said...

Woah!!! That was her actual Dad?! Cooool :O

Hannah said...

GOODNESS that was tough! Especially that CUR one!

Anonymous said...

Cool Cathedral design!
I'm curious: what software are you using to do that? Is it Adobe Illustrator or something similar?

Shainnen Somerville said...

Lemme guess.. Your working on pillow case covers? Posters? Maybe even a Nancy Drew binder? I'm debating on which game to play for the weekend since I've already beaten SPY 10 times. Maybe Danger by Design or something relatively old. But I lost the data disk to it years ago :/ Did I ever tell you that I'm in the process of getting my fashion merchandise as a major? Wish I can use that in incorporation if I can ever get a job at HeR..

Allison said...

Gaspethness! Is this Eloise Drew of the HeR boards? Happy birthay! :)


Isis4ever said...

I've set that green Cathedral logo as the logon background on my Windows 7 laptop, and I made a collage about 120+ screenshots from SPY as my desktop background. It's really cool!

And I noticed the same last names of Carson and young Nancy in the credits, and I was wondering about that. How cool! The girl who played young Nancy did a great job!


William D said...

-facepalm- I just watched that video you made a while ago, I had completely forgotten to check all your old posts xD
I really liked it :o Also, good use of the costume at the end!

Nina said...

Hmmm. New merchandise print?