Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekend Puzzle #188

We have a grand sale going on today in honor of International Women’s day! Check it out:

And this means any Nancy Drew PC/Mac game, either physical or digital (and I know some of you like to buy the boxed games, so now's your chance!)

Also, we interviewed our Art Director, Kyle! (And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel here.) (~.^)

And now for your weekend pleasure, here's the puzzle for you to solve:
If you need a hint: [yellow]

~Little Jackalope~


samantha said...

Cool Puzzle Thanks For The Hint!

Anonymous said...

Another person saying that GTH is gonna be really scary!! YESS!!! April 9th is so far away! I'm going to preorder the minute y'all post on facebook that we can! :D
And Little J, will there be another trailer coming out anytime soon?? ;)

Hannah said...

From watching Kyle speak I never would have guessed he was the type of person who could take a joke, or was light-hearted. ;) He didn't smile too much through it. But, I really can't say because I don't at all know him.

I have to say LJ that interview was a masterpiece! All the animations you slipped in there, and how the songs changed with each question! That carnival-like song from FIN is always so funny! Oh and was that a song from GTH at the beginning? I didn't recognize it! Thank you for taking the time to put that together for us. AND making it so entertaining with everything you added in to the footage. :D

Drew Detective

Anonymous said...

Can we have another hint?

Hannah said...

Oh and I forgot! Littla Jackalope, I'm really wondering what program you used to edit the video you posted here... if you don't mind sharing it with us. :)

Serge Hanna said...

18,3,8 = VEN (L)
26,6,1 = TMB (A)
14,8,1 = DAN (C)
19,4,4 = HAU (E)
24,7,1 = CAP (M)
11,8,3 = CUR (A)
23,3,7 = SAW (S)
10,8,5 = SHA (K)


Anonymous said...

i still dont understand. Everyone was saying that all you had to do was go the the Herinteractive website. I did but i still dont get it. Help please?

Little Jackalope said...

@Anonymous - In time, we will release it, but we have other things to show before then. (Yet we HAVE already begun the trailer design...)

@Hannah - Yes, Kyle dressed up nicely and was very professional with his interview, so he didn't crack any jokes for the video. :)

Also, I use Adobe Premiere for my video edits (it's a little better than Final Cut pro, but it has a lot of similarities). If you learn either one, you can work the other easily enough.

ComicalCrafty said...

When you think about it, most of the props we see over and over again actually come from a prop room! :D Thanks, Kyle, for putting them together!